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Have you been looking for a commercial floor cleaning company in Southern California? Whether your location is open to the public or just to employees, a well-maintained floor is vital. Keeping the flooring in tip-top shape is often much more complicated than simply vacuuming and mopping. You’ll want professional floor care to ensure the floors in your facility are clean to sparkle and safe at all times.

At DMS, we’ve been successfully cleaning and maintaining all types of commercial, industrial, medical, educational, auto dealers and office floors for over 30 years. No matter what types of flooring you have in your location, our team understands the proper floor care required to give your business or facility flooring the presentation and professionalism it deserves.

We hire and train experts at all kinds of floor care. Our teams know exactly how to treat each floor type. Give us a call or email us so we can talk about how we can take care of your floors!! You’ll be glad you did.

Benefits of Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Done by DMS Maintenance

Potential customers will judge your business by the appearance of your floors. If the floors of your business are dirty and in disarray, the reputation of your business will likely suffer. Customers and visitors will form a negative impression of your services from their very first step.  After all, if the floors aren’t clean, what other minor details might be neglected?

Plus, dirty floors are a public safety hazard. Clutter, liquid, and debris can cause slips, falls and other potential injuries. If the condition of your floor causes someone to become accidentally injured, you might even be legally liable.

Clean floors aren’t just for customers. Whether you work in an office, a warehouse or anything else, floors need to be free from hazards. People can’t perform their daily duties if they have to constantly watch where they step.

Concrete Flooring

Although the work can be cumbersome, we love concrete because the outcome is amazing all the time! You can turn simple concrete into a magnificent work of art and even put the logo of your company down, stain it, and seal it so it will never be damaged and it always looks great! Concrete is a great option for flooring especially in Southern California. Concrete can withstand Southern California weather and still presents itself well.

Vinyl Composite / VCT

Vinyl Composite Flooring, otherwise known as VCT, is easy to maintain as long as it is properly serviced regularly on a schedule. Most locations with normal day-to-day regular work traffic flow will only need to have us scheduled out to Strip and Wax, or scrub and wax (depending on the severity) the flooring quarterly or bi-Yearly depending on how frequent you sweep, mop, and maintain your flooring. 

If neglected, those regular times might be affected and could possibly cause more frequent floor schedule servicing.

Our typical schedule is a quarterly Stripping and Waxing of all VCT flooring and doing a monthly scrubbing to maintain the freshly applied wax. 

  • We WILL NOT put minimal amounts of sealer (as most companies do) with inexpensive store-bought over the counter sealers and cleaners. 
  • We put a MINIMUM of 3 coats of sealers, and sometimes more if the floor has never been waxed or requires it.
  • We DO NOT shorten any type of work at DMS just to cut corners and make more profit. 
  • We are NOT in the business for that. 
  • Our goal is to complete the job the CORRECT way the FIRST time despite any cost losses or changes. We also use one of the HIGHEST grade sealers and Industrial cleaners. 

It does in fact cost slightly more on our end, but that’s okay. We would like the job to be completed correctly and efficiently the first time.

Repair & Restoration of VCT Floors

Don’t worry. If you are thinking to yourself, “Shoot! I just had another company do my floors and they look terrible or not that good,” We got you covered! We also do repair and restoration based services on bad VCT jobs. We will remove all old or cheap wax (usually hazy, not shiny, flakes off or has a yellow tint to it) and reapply with the good stuff!

Regardless, if you have not yet done your floors, you DO NOT want to damage them. Choosing NOT to take care and service and wax your flooring will ruin your VCT tiles, which in the end will cost you MORE money to replace all tiling. It is best to just call us here and we, the experts, will know what do to with your VCT Flooring!”

Stone Care

We have only the highest grade of equipment for your stone floors such as high speed grinders and diamond appliances. We have a great deal of experience in stone care and are even USA Certified to work with all types of stones. We have knowledge and experience of this work for over 25 years.

High Speed Polishing

We have the most effective high-speed floor burnishers and polishers to burnish and polish your floors correctly the first time. Our technicians are thoroughly trained at DMS. In addition, our industrial Ride-on and advanced walk behind technology systems, the essential high-grade tools and equipment allow us to get the job done for all of our customers in the Southern California region. 

Scrubbing and waxing is essential to maintaining the appearance and durability of your floors. After we have stripped your floors (or another company has), it is always best to keep a consistency to scrub the floors on a schedule. 

Remember it is more cost effective to maintain versus replace. So be sure to schedule your regular appointment with DMS. You will actually save money with consistent care versus waiting until it gets bad, and then requiring a heavy cleaning procedure.

Scrubbing & Waxing

Polishing your floors will definitely bring the shine out of your waxed and coated floors. Your floors will look their very best.

After all, we detail and polish our cars, so why not give the same thought to your flooring displaying your business. Your customers are gathering their impression of you the minute they walk through the door, so make sure it’s a good impression.

Stripping & Sealing

When should you stripe & seal?

It is CRUCIAL that you strip and seal your floors as soon as you see:

  •  your flooring becoming dull
  • has a haze over it
  • is yellowing 
  • has dark marks on the surface

When you strip and seal your floors, they look great plus the process PROTECTS your flooring by adding a layer of sealant.

Think of a car. When you do not wax your car, what happens over time? The clear coat will start to flake off, your paint will dull, and eventually you will need a new paint job or to just sell the car. 

That is definitely NOT the way or mindset to have. This example is great because it is very similar to flooring. If you DO NOT wax your floors and take care of them, what will happen over time? Exactly, the same process. The wax will start to flake off (If any is applied previously), your floor color and grade will dull, and your floors will actually have permanent scuff marks until the point of restoring your tiled floors or completely replacing them. 

Why not MAINTAIN them by getting a quarterly Strip and Seal (Similar to Waxing your car) so your floors will stay in tip top shape and the only maintenance to do from there is to sweep and mop them regularly (same as a car wash). Plus, we will do that for you when you sign up for our janitorial service anyway so we got you covered on all ends so you can get back to your clients and leave the floor and janitorial headaches for us to present to you. 

It is the little things that make a HUGE difference!

Facilities we service in Southern California:

✓ Schools

✓ Churches

✓ Warehouses

✓ Hospitals

✓ Post-construction sites

✓ Showrooms

✓ Theaters

✓ Banks

✓ Country Clubs & Resorts

✓ Industrial Kitchens

✓ Post Offices

✓ Financial Institutions

✓ Retail Stores

✓ Restaurants

✓ Factories and Industrial Buildings

✓ Casinos

✓ Sports Facilities

✓ Medical Groups

✓ Hotels

✓ Transportation Companies

✓ Corporate Offices

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